Fujimarca 709 SE motor hums won't turn sometimes solved

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Fujimarca 709 SE motor hums won't turn sometimes solved

Postby offgridman » Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:46 pm

If you have replaced the start capacitor and your shave still sometimes hums when you try to start it the start switch may be dirty or worn.
The motors have both a star capacitor and a start/run centrifugal switch. Capacitors are cheap and easy to replace. Try the capacitor first. If that does not fix the problem you may have to repair the start switch.
It is a switch that connects the capacitor to the start winding. Once the motor spins up (starts) centrifugal force presses the flyweights out and disconnects the start winding wires by opening the points.
If the switch is sticking and not closing when the motor stops or the points are burned and not making good contact the motor will just hum when you step on the foot pedal.
The start switch is inside the motor on the bottom and can be access by removing two screws on the bottom of the motor ( as seen when its installed) remove the belt cover, remove the motor your will have to disconnect the on off switch wires first they are in a small box on the left side of the motor when facing the machine. Now take out the two screws on the bottom of the motor then remove the screw/washer in the center of the armature shaft and pull the flyweight assembly straight up off the shave. Note there is a flat side to the end of the shaft and this part must be aligned to it when you reinstall it later. Clean all debris from the flyweight assembly and set it aside. Below the flyweight is the switch for the starter circuit. Remove the two screws holding it in place, remove the two wires and examine it closely Take photos as you go in case you cannot remember the position of something.
On the switch there are electrical contactor points. Using a fine grit sand paper or a fine file clean the contact surfaces. You can push the large contact point to the side and lift it around the other contact surface to gain better access for sanding or filing the contacts. Once cleaned, replace all parts as found by reversing these steps and reassemble the motor. DO NOT SPRAY LUBE ANYTHING. CLEAN AND POLISH ONLY!
oil will accumulate debris and cause sticking soon if you do.
Check that the belt dust guard is installed above the motor when you reinstall it. If you have a early model then make or obtain a dust guard and install it. It is a plastic shield between the motor and the pulley that extends into the plastic cover to keep belt dust out of the motor. This dust can cause the switch to fail to work properly.

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Re: Fujimarca 709 SE motor hums won't turn sometimes solved

Postby ShaveIce² » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:52 am

Excellent write up! This is quite a common problem for older machines as well as for people who "on/off" their machine frequently. The switch is fairly easy to replace and much cheaper than a brand new motor. Perhaps we will do a youtube on this someday. :idea:
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