hatsuyuki HA110S

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hatsuyuki HA110S

Postby sylvainborabora » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:22 am

hi i use this machine (HA110S hatsuyuki manual ice shaver)for more than one year daily as a business on the side of my hot dog stand.So usually shaving is really easy it is just turn the handle ang go for snow...2 days ago on a morning of a major event for me ...NO ICE !!!i do like everyday place the block,turn,nothing happens,so iturn the blade ajustment knob and nothing again(usually turning this knob only a little bit is enough to change the texture really fast)and no ice again.So i decide to change the blade by a new one and nothing again no ice at all is falling ...NOTHING!!!
after many try we find a way fasten the brake bolt so hard that i needed a xtra people to hold the machine and we get ice but that was really hard to turn and really different from usually.
Do you know how i can do ?

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Re: hatsuyuki HA110S

Postby IceMan326 » Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:39 pm

How old is this machine? How many shave ice do you make or did you make before this occurred? If you had this machine for a while, and constant usage depending on the size of the block you are using and the level of the blade. My best bet is the brake bolt you are referring to that is worn to the maximum and needs of replacement since it seems to me that you have not getting any pressure from the machine to compress your ice down. Especially if you are running with an oversize block that will further increase the wear and tear on the machine.
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Re: hatsuyuki HA110S

Postby sylvainborabora » Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:25 am

hi i'm back again ..long time
the problem was that i changeg the blade for a new one i just get the morning of the event...and the blade was not correctly sharpenned...when i switch for an old one again that was working ...conclusion always making a try at home especially when you change a blade or it can make your bizness day realy bad!!!

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