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Honolulu Ice Company Bio

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:01 pm
by ShaveIce
Honolulu Ice Company is the leading block ice seller on the Island of Oahu. Honolulu Ice, formerly known as Pure Gold Ice Company's ice operations begun in 1993 due to the closure of many small ice houses in Honolulu. The shave ice stores were desperately looking for a source of block ice that they can use. They wanted something that is solid, not compressed, and most of all clean and sanitary. Pure Gold Ice opened its facility in Halawa strictly selling block ice to cater to shave ice stores. Due to our proximity to H3 freeway, during the construction of H3 during the 90s, we offered chilled water services to the construction crews for many years providing them with clean and cold water. The company has been located in Halawa and is approaching it's 25th year anniversary!

Our premier block ice is the source of many of the shave ice you eat around the island! From the shave ice eateries in North Shore to the beaches of Kailua, our ice serves all the top shops on the island. With 2 decades of dependable service, you can trust us as the source of your ice for your shave ice business.