This old dog just learned a new trick (yes it is shaved ice related)

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This old dog just learned a new trick (yes it is shaved ice related)

Postby TWH » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:12 pm

Over the years we have used a bunch of different shavers. A couple of years ago we switched to the Snowie Block Shaver primarily because of the increased speed and ability to serve more people and therefore earn more money. Recently business was so good that we had to bring our truck back to our fabricator to have it redesigned to put in a second Snowie Block Shaver. We love the speed but have never been as thrilled with the quality of snow as we would have liked. Even though we used compressed block, we were fortunate enough to have a distributor just miles away so we had an unlimited supply. The quality was still better than any of the machines that used ice cubes.

Anyway, a few days ago my fabricator was hosting a food truck event so I attended (since my truck was already there being updated). While there I met a New Orleans Snowball vendor. He shared with me that there was an ice seller in town that sold solid block instead of compressed. This was news to me. In fact I had never heard of this distributor. I met with them yesterday and picked up a couple blocks of ice.

Today I conducted an unbiased comparison between the compressed block shaved ice and that from the solid block. It was hands down, no if-ands-or buts. WOW!!!! The difference was out of this world. The quality of the shaved ice was better than any of the other machines I have ever used. I have spent hundreds of dollars buying shaved ice, sno cones and and Snowballs just to know the local market. Although there are couple that also produce a great product, when combined with the speed of being able to make a flower cup of shaved ice in under 5 seconds and our updated equipment, I can’t wait for the truck to get completed to hit the market hard.

I also want to thank the individual for sharing that information with me. I know he is a member of this group and have already tried to get him set up with some opportunities. Unlike some people I am firm believer in helping others. Of course there is a limit but I do not see competitors as enemies. Anyway that being said, I now have about 30 blocks of ice that I now have no desire to use for shaved ice. I plan on bringing them up to the fabricators tomorrow for a big snow ball fight in the parking lot.

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Re: This old dog just learned a new trick (yes it is shaved ice related)

Postby Kim » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:09 am

Sounds like you got something great going for you!
K. Lee

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