Global bear v generic machines

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Global bear v generic machines

Postby whydowedowhatwedo » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:05 am

It appears that in Taiwan brands like IceMonster use GlobalBear ice shavers almost exclusively. Global bear often seem to quote prices of around $1500 for one of their machines. Yet if you look on Alibaba there are a number of sellers selling near identical machines for much, much less. My question is...

Is GlobalBear a recognised brand of ice shavers that ensures the quality of its machines is better than those on Alibaba?
Also, how do GlobalBear machines compare to the likes of Swan?

Global bear:

Example on Alibaba:

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Re: Global bear v generic machines

Postby whydowedowhatwedo » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:17 am

Also do note that Global Bear do appear to be manufacturers of a range of ice related products, so I don't think you can immediately cast them into the same group as this for instance:

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Re: Global bear v generic machines

Postby katyocru » Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:17 pm

hi! I'm new to this I've been doing a lot of research. A lot of Asian shave ice stores use Global bear because it's good for snow ice. Global bear machines are NSF, so I think that's the biggest reason why a lot of people use it. I don't think the generic ones are NSF.

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Re: Global bear v generic machines

Postby ShaveIceSupply » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:04 pm

Simply put, buy what you are comfortable with. Global Bear has a decent presence in Taiwan but not so much here in the America's since the type of shavers that most American's prefer is more "rugged". We have been approached by them before many times for distribution. We rejected each time simply due to the fact that our clients do not like machines that doesn't look sturdy.

If you compare Swans, Hatsuyukis, Sno Ball Makers, Fujimarca's, Snowies, and other brands one thing in common is that they look like a commercial machine. Many of those Amazon shavers or other Chinese brands simply look like knock offs or toys.

We are also weary of support when we did our research. Global Bear does not have a proper distribution and supply channel here. This makes parts, support, and warranty issues a problem. Their main distributor is located in California which only does shave ice as a "side job". That is a big warning sign.

NSF or not is not a big factor as many stores use non NSF machines in NSF states. What I do look for is
1.) Support
2.) Easy of access to parts
3.) Knowledge of distributor on their machine
4.) Reliability
5.) Shaving quality and texture

Keep also in mind the majority of shave ice stores in America are not "asian stores". The look you want your store to portray also determines the type of machine you will be using. Sno Ball makers will use sno cone machines, Hawaiian Shave ice stores will use Fujimarcas, Swans, and Hatsuyukis. Shaved ice makers will use Snowie and other such brands. Snow Ice people will use those panda or animal looking plastic machines.
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