Proper Block Ice Size

This section will tell you the basics on how to make a good Hawaiian shave ice! Please feel free to ask questions you may have regarding local shave ice and shave ice in general.
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Proper Block Ice Size

Postby Kim » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:06 pm

Aloha Shave Ice Adventurists,

Here is a question that should have been answered yesterday. "How do I cut the big blocks of ice that I get from the store?" Yes, most store bought ice are too big to fit into our machines. The recommended size is 6" (6" cube or 6" circumference & 6" tall.)

We sell ice picks that you can use to break the ice into smaller blocks. However, world famous, Matsumoto, is doing it differently and I think it just might work for you! You will need an electric saw, hammer, ice pick and the YouTube link below.

Have fun and please handle with care.
K. Lee

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