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Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:28 am

I'm just back in the shaved ice world. I've missed it. I haven't searched yet but here's the question. The anti-plastic movement is gaining strength and momentum, (personally I think it's great). I think the paper straws I've seen and used are OK but I've only ever used styrofoam cups. The plastic colored cups are expensive and don't insulate but at least you can't see through them. Any thoughts?

Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:37 pm

It all really depends on your market. I hate paper straws. They taste like paper (yuck!) and they fall apart after a few minutes. In fact, unless the food is REALLY good I don't go to places with paper straws. That said, I also don't live in a place where there is much of a market for paper straws. In Seattle I might have to think different.

It also depends on the context. In spite of my personal hatred for paper straws I do use them sometimes. When I cater a wedding I like to use paper straws that match the wedding colors (when possible). They look super cute and the Bride is usually thrilled we add that nice little detail. Of course, I am charging a premium and I can afford to eat that cost.

As for cups: I tried the flower cups and I think they look great... but my customers are leaving a grocery store and need something that fits better in their cup holder - so I keep using the polystyrene cups for their convenient size/shape and insulation.

I know of a few shave ice places that offer reusable cups. They get a limited amount of nice cups printed with their logo and then they sell them and offer discounted refills for people who bring their reusable cup. That might be a way to cut down on trash.
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Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:26 am

With all the new eco rules and regulations, we have been promoting paper cups as well. Now we all know paper cups tend to be bland which is why we designed our "Ocean Cups" for our clients to have them stand out from standard single color cups.

As for the terrible single use straws, we been recommending clients to use wooden spoons instead.
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